Arbitrage and Reproductive Rights

3 min readJun 29, 2022

Usually, our weekly most botted is a more lighthearted and easy way to end your weeks. In light of recent events, this one is the women’s healthcare edition, as we deserve to have our own choices regarding our bodies. Since Roe vs. Wade was overturned (and even before that), there have been shortages in the reproductive health, and we currently see those shortages spiking even more:

Tampons: As we’re all very well aware, there’s a tampon shortage. The fact that tampons are being arbitraged is beyond messed up. This shortage is not because Amy Schumer was featured in Tampax’s marketing. Bad actors know women will pay beyond MSRP to get feminine products — it’s an essential life necessity. Discord Groups are actively discussing how to arbitrage tampons by using HSA/FSA to get them for free, and it’s an easy, low-risk flip. The newly adjusted cost of tampons is double the lifetime spent per menstruating individual. This is a fundamental right — not a place for arbitrage and profiteering.

Resellers using a shortage to arbitrage and flip reproductive necessities

Plan B: after the Supreme Court’s regressive decision, CVS/Walmart/Rite Aid limited the purchases of Plan B pills as they surged in demand. We are “rationing” plan b. Yet, you see bad actors price gouging Plan B for $68-$100 on marketplace sites. We’ve all been there, and we know the standard price of Plan B is $10-$50. For some states, this is our last resort — stop trying to make a profit and let us have it. To pharmacies at Walmart (limiting 10 Plan B per purchase), please ensure people are assimilating with their friends and not making a profit.

Resellers using the overturn opportunity to make a profit…

Baby Formula: We already know this once, but since we no longer have the choice over our body, how can we A) afford formula and B) have enough formula in stock? Since, in many states, we no longer have the choice after 6-weeks, should the states start to pay for formula? We have to keep a child but cannot even keep formula on the shelves — it seems logical. As you can see, formula sales jumped 24% in late May as it was a quick and easy flip for bad actors. Now, we cannot afford to take care of ourselves, let alone have money to pay for the artificially inflated price of formula.

Discord group member scalping baby formula and other reproductive products

I will not promote bots for the “bad,” but as a former botter, I know we can use bots to help us. Bots may also be there to mess up data in forms: Texas Abortion ‘Whistleblower’ Website Spammed With Bots, Shrek Porn, and other things. If I can personally help you use a bot, please let me know. This time, we can use bots for good, as this should not be the norm. All individuals should have the right to their bodies and healthcare choices. It’s our reproductive rights, and clearly, we are unable to afford more between tampon prices and baby formula prices. If I can help you with a bot to reach out to your congress members, please reach out to me on Twitter.




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